Oceanic Wellness

The ocean belongs to no one and to everyone.


The first sprout of life came from the ocean. Maybe we remember this as we swim in the salty ocean of our mothers’ wombs. Or as we feel the swell and contraction of her waves as we emerge into the world.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ocean represents the deepest energy source within us, the Water element, the Jing, the Kidney organ. It is what gives us our genetic makeup, allows us to conceive children and retain our youth. Some activities like Qi Gong and meditation preserve it while others like overexertion and stress wear it thin.


Take time to nourish and support your inner mysterious and life-giving ocean.  The water in your cells at this moment will eventually cycle back into the ocean, touching the rest of the life on the planet.


Healing YOURSELF is healing us ALL.




2016 Oceanic Wellness LLC

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